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Captain Steamer Cleaning Company

Serving central Ohio since 1986


We are a family owned small business and have been in the community for many years. We have watched as trends in flooring have changed and evolved over the years, updating our cleaning techniques and adding additional services, like VCT and tile and grout cleaning. We love that we have a great amount of repeat customers that count on us each year. 

We strive to train our employees on the proper cleaning/restoration techniques so you can be confident in our services...and comfortable with allowing our employees to enter your home or office knowing they are there to perform the job at the highest level of quality. If anything is not to your expectation after we are finished, it is our policy to resolve the situation within a few days.




Owner Jusin Wood
“We love having our carpets clean. They are always available within a short time to clean our carpets to remove pet and kid stains. Very professional and speedy”


Laura, Circleville

“Our tile and grout look like new again! No way could have expected the job to turn out as well as it did!”


Ronda, Chillicothe

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